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Hello, welcome to my website.  My name is Lynda Papworth and since 2004 I have run my own successful private Counselling and Life Balancing Therapy practice  . During the time of COVID-19 I began seeing people on Zoom,  helping them to clarify and resolve many issues and problems they had been experiencing.

I have now also begun to see people face-to-face at my therapy practice, now that Covid19 restrictions have been eased.

I am a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist; an experienced and qualified lecturer and teacher of adult courses in Personal Development and Counselling. I am also a qualified Life Coach. For several years I studied at  The Berne Institute , and completed my Advanced Clinical Training at a Masters Degree level (MSc)  in Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy.

I have reached a stage in my life where I decided to make changes to my own Life/Work Balance.  I have begun to work shorter flexible hours and now offer short term therapy sessions.   I enjoy sharing the knowledge and experience I have gained over the last fifty years and look forward to meeting you.

I am now offering short term sessions to support people clarify what has been bothering them in their lives.  It may be a recent issue that has become difficult to manage; or it may be something unresolved that you would like some  new awareness and insight into? Perhaps you know what is bothering you and you would like to discuss the problem?  There are times in our life when talking issues through with a trained and experienced person who is not a family member, or a friend, can be extremely beneficial.  Experience has shown me that between three and seven sessions can help you to see yourself and others differently and can provide you with strategies and tools for change that help you make new decisions and changes to your life.

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Areas I specialise in are:

  • Helping people to understand and manage Stress and Anxiety
  • Developing Confidence and Assertiveness
  • Relationship guidance.
  • How to deal with Feeling Overwhelmed
  • Personal Power and How to make Life Changes
  • Transforming Overthinking

I passionately believe each of us has the capacity and ability to make positive changes to our lives.

You can explore and enhance your own self-esteem. You can learn to understand your feelings and how to use them positively. You can develop skills that can help you to resolve and solve challenging situations. You can create positive outcomes that are in your own best interest.

Making small changes can also help you to overcome outdated cycles of behaviour that no longer serve you, and may have prevented you from experiencing self confidence and your natural enjoyment of life. These changes can make a big difference to your state of wellbeing.

My Experience
How I can help you

About Me

I left UK in 1972, just married, and set off overland to travel to Africa with my new husband.   We went to live in South Africa and later Australia, for a total of 22 years; and in 1994, together with our young family, we returned to live in UK.

For many years I have been successfully gathering together a,” toolkit”  for lasting change. This toolkit also includes strategies, techniques, wisdom , and  knowledge that I have gained from the support and encouragement  I have received from inspiring  mentors, teachers, therapists, supervisors and many other people that I have met on this life journey. I regularly use this toolkit today.

Since 2004  at my private Counselling and Life Balancing practice, I have been privileged to help people make changes to their lives.

Personal Development is an ongoing journey and at certain times of our lives, we can benefit from speaking with a person who is not a family member or friend.

Some Information About The Therapies I Offer:


Clinical Hypnosis is a relaxing therapeutic technique which involves the client being in a state of deep relaxation. It does not mean you will necessarily be in a deep sleep, many people report hearing my voice during a session, and also experiencing a state of pleasant enhanced awareness. Some people do enter a deeper trance state. Hypnosis is not a state the hypnotherapist puts you into,  rather it is an altered state, that you choose to enter. Hypnosis promotes positive personal development and relaxation, by helping to quieten the conscious mind.

Counselling and Coaching

For many years I taught Personal Development and Counselling Skills at Further Education Colleges; and I was a Business and Life Coach for organisations in Warwickshire.  Counselling and Coaching offers non-judgemental support; empathic listening; encouragement and at times, information, that will enable the client to accomplish the realistic outcome they need and want to achieve.

Through the process of Personal Development,  people can learn to clarify and understand their thinking, feelings and behaviours. They can  become aware of certain unhelpful  thoughts, feelings and way of behaving.  With this enhanced awareness, they can, if they are willing, begin to update any old attitudes and beliefs and replace them with more helpful options.

The benefits of a positive therapeutic relationship include:

  • Creating a space that provides you with support and encouragement as you learn new skills.
  • Time for you to bring new, “tools for change”, to your awareness;  so that you can return to your natural state of balance and inner peace.
  • Providing you with a confidential, peaceful environment, where you can be seen and heard by another person.

I really enjoy my work. It is rewarding to enable people to enable themselves to step into their own personal power.  It is  encouraging to be part of  a process that can result in people enjoying their lives and experiencing personal freedom, sometimes for the first time.

My Qualification and Training:

  • Postgraduate Foundation Certificate in T.A. Psychotherapy
  • Advanced Clinical Training in T.A. (Degree Level)
  • Counselling Skills Certificate
  • Diploma In Hypnotherapy
  • Diploma In Life Coaching
  • City And Guilds Teaching Certificate (Adult Learners)
  • E.F.T. Practitioner Certificate
  • Certificate In Psychology of Depression and Therapeutic Modalities
  • Reiki Certificate First Degree

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Life Balancing, is an on going process for all people.   Let’s enjoy the journey, together.