Lynda Papworth: Counselling, and Psychotherapy In Warwickshire:



Hypnotherapy and Counselling in Warwickshire

Thank you for taking time to look at my website.

I am a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner and Life Coach. In addition I am an experienced and qualified lecturer and teacher of adult courses in Personal Development and Counselling.  I have trained for several years at  The Berne Institute  at a Masters Degree level (MSc) in Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy.

I  provide a peaceful environment and offer non-judgemental  support.   I will share any knowledge and experience I have that will help bring clarity to your situation.  Together we can build a positive therapeutic relationship that can facilitate any changes you are willing to make. Contact me to begin your journey

Areas I specialise in are:

  • Helping people to understand and manage Stress and Anxiety
  • Developing Confidence and Assertiveness
  • Understanding Relationships
  • Coping with Bereavement
  • How to deal with Unwanted Habits such as nail biting, smoking..
  • Personal Power and How to make Life Changes
  • And more….

Personal development encourages us to be curious about how we think about ourselves and others. You can begin to consider looking at your life from a different perspective.

Learning to understanding your feelings and how to use them positively to resolve and solve challenging situations, is also an important  part of personal growth.

You can begin to take positive action to think, feel and behave differently.   This can then encourage you to support and nurture yourself. Making small changes can also help to develop a healthy self esteem.  Making  changes can make a big difference to self confidence and your enjoyment of life.

My Experience

How I can help you

About Me:

I left UK in 1972, just married,  setting off to travel to Africa with my new husband.   We went to live in South Africa and later Australia, for a total of 22 years; and in 1994, together with our young family, we returned to live in UK again.

I have spent 30 years working to help people who want to help themselves  live lives they find more personally satisfying.

For the past 14 years I have run my own private practice.   I care very much about my work.  It is a privilege to help people make changes to their lives.

I continue to add to my knowledge by attending Seminars and Workshops each year.  And I also receive  supervision for my psychotherapy and counselling clients.

Personal Development is an ongoing journey and at certain times of our lives, we can benefit from speaking with a person who is not a family member or friend.

Throughout  my Advanced Psychotherapy Training I contractually agreed  to attend, and pay for,  my own personal psychotherapy sessions.  My years of personal psychotherapy enabled me to understand myself, and other people, in greater depth.  This  awareness, over time, has enabled me to develop my own powerful style of therapy. I am an intuitive, knowledgeable, experienced therapist; and I really enjoy sharing my knowledge with people who are willing to change.




Some Information About The Therapies I Offer:


Clinical Hypnosis is a relaxing therapeutic technique which involves the client being in a state of deep relaxation. It does not mean you will necessarily be in a deep sleep, many people report hearing my voice during a session, and also experiencing a state of pleasant enhanced awareness. Some people do enter a deeper trance state. Hypnosis is not a state the hypnotherapist puts you into,  rather it is an altered state, that you choose to enter. Hypnosis promotes positive personal development and relaxation, by helping to quieten the conscious mind.

Counselling and Coaching:

For many years I taught Personal Development and Counselling Skills at Further Education Colleges; and I was a Business and Life Coach for organisations in Warwickshire.  Counselling and Coaching offers non-judgemental support; empathic listening; encouragement and at times, information, that will enable the client to accomplish the realistic outcome they need and want to achieve.


Through the process of Psychotherapy people can learn to clarify and understand their thinking, feelings and behaviours. They can  become aware of certain unhelpful  thoughts, feelings and behaviors.  With this enhanced awareness, they can, if they are willing, begin to update any old attitudes and beliefs and replace them with more helpful options.

Life circumstances and situations can sometimes be overwhelming; and strong emotions such as sadness, fear and anger, can be difficult to cope with.

It is at these challenging times in life, when receiving additional support from someone who is qualified, trained and experienced can be a positive action to take.

Yet taking that first step to speak with a therapist can be a challenge!   Finding your courage and making brave new decisions, is part of the healing process.

The benefits of a positive therapeutic relationship include:

  • Creating a space that provides you with support and encouragement as you learn new skills.
  • Time for you to bring new, “tools for change”, to your awareness;  so that you can return to your natural state of balance and inner peace.
  • Providing you with a confidential, peaceful environment, where you can be seen and heard by another person.

I really enjoy my work. It is rewarding to enable people to enable themselves to step into their own personal power.  It is  encouraging to be part of  a process that can result in people enjoying their lives and experiencing personal freedom, sometimes for the first time.

  • Contact me to discuss making an appointment to come and see me. To achieve a different outcome, something needs to change.

Life Balancing, is an on going process for all people.   Let’s enjoy the journey, together.